YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru

Serving Up Everything Short, Sweet, and 40-Feet

The Ask

How can we celebrate creators at Vidcon and bring to life the fun, bite-sized world of YouTube Shorts?

Reflecting the shorter (and tastier) side of YouTube, we built the first-ever YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru ride for fans at Vidcon. With limited-edition Creator snacks and a 40-foot MrBeast gumball machine, fans found unbelievable surprises sprinkled around every corner of the experience. This magical moment brought communities closer to their idols, each other, and the platform that brings memories like these all together—YouTube Shorts.

By partnering with YouTube Shorts Creators, it was simple: make Shorts, get snacks. So we developed an immersive ride where fans could co-create with their favorite creator in a fun, captivating way—and only accessible through YouTube Shorts. Every detail, from the inside jokes to the golf carts, brought all those aesthetic Gen-Z vibes and made the whole experience feel authentic to the fans at Vidcon.

We created a jaw-droppingly large, fully functional gumball machine in collaboration with YouTube and MrBeast. As fans dropped a giant coin into the slot, a ball with a prize inside magically traveled through the machine right to their hands. Whether feastables, cash rewards, or even an exciting appearance from MrBeast himself—fans won wild prizes and felt the magic from MrBeast's YouTube channel come to life in a wondrous, immersive way.

17,000 visitors. 31,000 unique Shorts. 184MM total views. 13MM likes. 100% of creators felt the YouTube love.

All photos and imagery are for showcasing our success in producing this event for YouTube. No endorsement or affiliation of MAS is implied for any talent featured here.