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We’ve built our bespoke experience agency with bold creatives and technologists who thrive off of the same relentless energy in which we were founded — the right balance of grit and guts. To us, there’s no perfect recipe, no one size fits all when it comes to crafting the right moments for your brand. Instead, we go beyond the ordinary to evoke emotion and collectively deliver captivating experiences that shape what’s next.

Words we live by

Have some guts

Taking risks because they're right.

We're not afraid to be bold. But we aren't bold just for the sake of it—we do it because pushing the envelope allows us to think differently, surprise our audiences, and transcend boring rinse and repeat experiences.

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Hold nothing back

Don't settle for anything less than more.

We show up each and every day with passion believing that if our dreams don't scare us, they aren't big enough. We're always driving ourselves to be better, shooting our shot (every damn time), and challenging what's comfortable.

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Stay Hungry

The endless pursuit of What Ifs.

We’re always exploring, tinkering, researching, and learning—expanding our capabilities, growing our personal selves, and discovering new ways of delivering amazing experiences.

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Get Emotional

Madly devoted to giving a shit.

We can't help that we're such emotional beings. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, not only because it's healthy—but also because emotion is at the heart of the work we create.

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Keep good company

The friend. The hype person. The devil's advocate.

You can't blame us for wanting to love our clients and co-workers. We support one another, challenge each other, and foster an environment of good vibes 24/7.

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Minority-led & Women-founded

For us, it’s never been about checking boxes. From the way we hire, to the partners we work with, to how we represent our unique audiences on-screen or IRL, we work to include diverse backgrounds, identities and outlooks to shape the future your brand, and our world, deserves. There’s a lot in the works here at MAS, with so much more to learn and do. But no matter what, our north star always remains the same—better representing the world doesn’t just mean better work, it means a better future.

Culturally fluent & sustainably savvy

Sure, buzzwords on a page sound nice, but when you actually support your people in rethinking the status quo, the whole company thrives. For employees, by employees, we house internal groups focused on forging new pathways for positive change.

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Awards and Recognition

We don't usually like to brag, but our trophy shelf is STACKED. We're proud that our work - and our agency itself - continue to receive so many accolades.