Creator Summits


The Ask

How do we make YouTube’s top creators feel more connected and integral to the brand?

We invited the most influential creators and famous speakers to the pinnacle of content creation. We combined thought leadership with authentic community-building experiences, transforming offbeat togetherness into lively parties. Extending from the original Top Creator Summit in NYC, we connected more cultures of the creator-community with Black Creator Summit (DC, Atlanta), Latin American Creator Summit (LA) and Gaming Creator Summit (Palm Springs)—showing how YouTube rallies the spirit of creators to shape the future.

Black Creator Summit

From a retro roller rink, “Always Woke” diner, and plenty of Afrobeats, we tied the heart and soul of the black community into a multi-day celebration. Gaining lots of praise and social mentions, we showed how YouTube empowers change-makers in the black community.

LATAM Creator Summit

Connecting through unbounded self-expression, we celebrated the vibrant spirit of Latin American Creators for three days in Los Angeles.

Gaming Creator Summit

Bringing to life a giant 50-foot foam pit, desert carnival, and BMW driving course—we tapped into the best of gaming culture to enliven a world beyond screens.

365M impressions. 95% creator attendance. 4,000 social mentions per event. Moments shared with 110M+ YouTube subscribers.