YouTube Coachella Compound

Giving VIP a fresh new vibe

The Ask

How can we amplify YouTube Shorts at Coachella and meaningfully connect with creators and fans?

Welcome to the YouTube Shorts Creator Compound. We took desert glamping, turned it into a content creation playground, and dazzled six creators with a Coachella experience like never before. For Weekend 1, this luxe oasis inspired YouTube Shorts creators (and their festie besties) with exclusive offerings, glam squads, and plenty of A/C in their curated vans. With a 24/7 concierge service, a private ride between stages, and content moments like the Wheel of Short Decisions—we pampered six YouTube Creators and gave their fans intimate, behind-the-scenes Shorts at the biggest festival of the year.

A shortcut to festival paradise

In this highly-customized Coachella experience, we hosted popular YouTube Shorts Creators Kaiti Yoo, BenofTheWeek, Quen Blackwell, Lauren Giraldo, Larray, Kirsten Titus, and their plus ones. Each creator had a decked-out van with kitchenettes, two beds, A/C, and personalized swag. And with a 24/7 concierge on speed dial, creators could get anything—from de-dusting their stuff to breakfast in bed. Other exclusive offerings included their own ride to and from the Compound, lounges with a private bartender, a massage tent, and delicious food deliveries.

The ultimate creation station

As creators explored the Compound each day, they were met with surprises to share with fans through YouTube Shorts. Whether they were taking challenges from the Wheel of Short Decisions, or upping their festival look with a full glam squad and Malakai jewelry, every part of their festival experience was fun and exciting — and not just for them, but for viewers at home too.