Brandcast Delivered


The Ask

How can we transform one of the industry’s most memorable in-person events into an engaging virtual experience with YouTube’s brand partners?

Reimagining a highly anticipated event into a COVID-safe personal primetime, we delivered personalized pizza kits to the doorsteps of over 2,000 YouTube brand partners. Whether vegan or pineapple-obsessed, every unique recipient received a customized box with their favorite toppings (and some additional tailored goodies as well). This unforgettable unboxing moment sliced through the digital noise and left a lasting digital footprint.

Sharing slices of content

Brand partners shared slices of their unboxing and pizza-making moments all over YouTube with mentions from beauty sensation Patrick Starr and influencers like D-Sharp, Kris London, and the Physics Girl.

Brandcast Delivered engaged 40% more clients YOY and won 3 BizBash Style Awards.

1.2M+ social impressions. 1.6K+ press mentions. Tens of thousands of video views. 209,952 different box combinations. Winner of 8 industry awards - including a Clio.