Waze On

Redirecting roads of connection

The Ask

How do we transform this traditionally in-person product launch into a virtual moment that connects all members of the Waze global community and press?

Finding new ways to connect beyond the screen, we transformed a previously live event into a lighthearted, engaging moment for the Waze community. Wazers were in the driver's seat as they explored the virtual venue with keynotes, curated breakouts, and a live press Q&A of their latest product enhancements and newest features. This style of content-driven storytelling left a lasting impression by bringing the virtual community together to experience the ease and power of Waze in your everyday life.

Uniquely human, technically ambitious

We pulled from our expertise in both virtual and physical events to create an adventure that was dynamic, authentic, and seamless to all attendees. Similar to how Waze found a way to make traffic suck less, we showed how connecting online can suck less, too.