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Southwest Rapid Rewards Hawaiian Getaway

The most rewarding getaway

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How do we make Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Cardmembers feel more connected to Southwest Rapid Rewards Access Events while fostering positive brand loyalty?

Welcome to a Rapid Hawaiian Getaway. Walking on the sparkling sands of Maui, guests experienced the best of Hawaii with Southwest Rapid Rewards Access Events. This five-day getaway at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua featured a variety of both couple and group adventures around the island. From whale watching to surf lessons to ziplining, we dazzled our guests with bucket list-worthy moments with loved ones and new friends. Every touchpoint was strategically considered starting with a warm welcome, plenty of swag, and a special luau on the final night. With priceless memories and an increase in brand loyalty, Southwest RRAE Hawaii welcomed guests to travel reward paradise.

A farewell luau

A traditional Hawaiian party ended the epic five-day getaway with delicious food and drinks followed by a night of dancing.