Pixel x T-Mobile

Becoming a Times Square superstar

The Ask

How do we build excitement for the new Google Pixel 4 and ultimately drive purchases at T-Mobile retail stores?

Debuting the stellar photo experience of the Google Pixel 4, we brought the bustling streets of NYC a moment of fame. The Pixel Booth experience boldly showcased nighttime camera capabilities by turning guests into Times Square superstars. After seeing their face light up on T-Mobile’s billboard, guests gained a crisp, larger-than-life look into the luminous features of the Google Pixel 4.

A star is born

As guests stepped out of the booth and into their own Times Square moment, they were dazzled by the pristine quality of their picture, despite the dark booth lighting. We drove excitement and sales for the Google Pixel 4 and turned onlookers into product advocates.

As more and more faces of the city glowed across Times Square, more and more diverse audiences lined up to engage with the phone’s impressive features—leaving them with a moment (and a product) they’ll never forget.

400,000 live and social impressions. 90% of guests claimed themselves "Pixel 4 advocates" in a post survey.