Pixel Booth at the Grammys


The Ask

How do we build excitement for the new Google Pixel 4 and ultimately drive purchases at T-Mobile retail stores?

Bringing an unexpected dance-off to an iconic award show, we helped Google leave Grammys guests in awe. The interactive AR booth immersed influencers and industry guests in a dance competition against acclaimed artist Childish Gambino (well, the Playmoji version). This magical experience reflected the vibrancy of the Pixel and gave guests a shareable moment uniquely Google (and bragging rights too, of course).

An iconic copmetition

Whether showing off the Shoot Dance or bringing back the Dougie, audiences shared clips of the experience all over social. Reaching far beyond traditional advertising channels, Google stirred up hype for Google Pixel 3's Playmoji in the most fun, FOMO-worthy way.

400,000 live and social impressions. 90% of guests claimed themselves "Pixel 4 advocates" in a post survey.