Google Mixtape


The Ask

How can we enhance Google’s audio-only content during Advertising Week with a tactile and personalized experience?

We paused screen scrolling around the country with a build-your-own cardboard walkman during Advertising Week. With our Google partners, we developed an eco-friendly cassette player to bring smartphones back in time—pairing modern tech with old-school design. With personalized mixtapes, plenty of surprise, and thoughtful activities, every detail captured nostalgic intrigue. Over 2,000 mixtape devices delivered a stress-free, screen-free moment of zen during the hustle and bustle of Adweek.

Bringing back the 80's

With sustainability and utility at the heart of the strategy, the Mixtape itself was a recyclable and retro walkman player that converted your smartphone into a listening device with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

A thoughtful activity kit accompanied the Mixtape with Google’s customized audio content. With personalized favorites like creating a zen garden to breaking a sweat with workout gear, each guest could experience a stress-free, screen-free moment.