Illuminating Connection in a changed world

The Ask

How can we inspire sales professionals to find success in a new world of virtual selling with fewer opportunities to connect with clients in person?

With the COVID pandemic locking people indoors, sales professionals were faced with a major challenge as they transitioned into a world of virtual selling. Enter LinkedIn—offering new solutions, training, and motivation to take on this entirely new approach for sales. With our partners at Opus Agency, we crafted a live and on-demand presentation uncovering the spark hidden inside each of us. We kindled inspiring thoughts with business luminaries Barbara Corcoran and Shonda Rhimes while sharing stories from sales professionals and industry leaders to keep the fire going. Spanning countries including the U.S., Canada, Italy, Spain, Kenya, and the UAE, we equipped 55,000 viewers with the inspiration needed to access their potential moving into 2021.

Networking beyond barriers

During a time where networking seemed impossible, LinkedIn showcased how professionals can come together authentically and safely.