Sound of Luxury


The Ask

How do we showcase the innovative and artistic excellence of Lincoln’s exclusive Revel sound system?

Unveiling an interactive soundscape distinctly Lincoln, we captivated Miami’s Art Basel with a seamless 270-degree sensory chamber. While immersed in the “Sound of Luxury” audio-visual experience, guests could choose between different emotions and synchronize kinetic imagery with sound from the world-class Revel audio system. This breathtaking spectacle emotionally mesmerized guests and celebrated the best of innovation in art, sound, and technology.

See the music, hear the luxury

Honoring the artistic mastery of composer Paolo Prestini, our team creatively blended a groundbreaking experience with music, art, and the premier power of the Lincoln MKX. Once inside this innovative world, guests could choose what music they wanted to feel and were enveloped in a feeling of sensory enchantment.