Google & YouTube

Google & YouTube Advertising Week


The Ask

How can we demystify AI for marketers and fuel excitement about the future of strategic media placement powered by Google AI?

Unveiling the ultimate performance center for professionals, the Google AI Pit Stop placed marketers in the driver’s seat and revealed an “under the hood” look at how Google AI can accelerate their marketing. This supercharged journey honed marketers' skills with AI, making ad solutions tangible and accessible. With an electrifying AI-infused racing game, hands-on product demos, and explorative case studies, we transformed skeptical marketers into champion drivers of Google AI.

Ready, Set, Go!

With expert marketers as the drivers, their brands as the cars, and AI as the engine, guests dove into a world of next-level campaign results.

With an NFC-enabled keychain in hand, guests activated various interactions, including 3D-printed model cars that told the success stories of Dyson, Louis Vuitton, and Samsung—all powered by Google AI.

Full Speed Ahead

After seeing what Google AI could do, marketers got hands-on at the “tinker station”, previewing Google and YouTube tools. And then it was off to the races! Our custom driving simulator allowed them to select traits and boosters for the simulated car as they raced to the finish line, competing with their fellow marketers to appear on the leaderboard.

Finally, guests took a turn in our windy photo tunnel, where they were awarded a speedy “AI Driver’s License”. As a token of their newly trained skills, the license also included a link to Google AI tools.

And, of course, our centerpiece, the track-driven Google F1 Mclaren, turned heads in our space, amplifying the speed and precision of Google AI.