Google Home Mini Donut Shop


The Ask

How do we introduce consumers to the tiny but mighty Google Home Mini and live up to its launch promise: “the size of a donut, the power of a superhero”?

With Google Home Mini Donut Shops, you can have your donut and eat it too. Revealing sweet surprises and savvy tech, we brought Willy Wonka-inspired magic to 51,000 guests in 15 different cities. Immersed in a photo-worthy, winding conveyor belt wonderland, guests could interact with the Google Home Mini to win the device or a delicious donut. In creating these immersive donut shops to showcase an unbelievable product, we helped Google bring to life the mighty power of bite-size tech.

The sweetest ride.

Rolling up in sugary style, our mini shop bicycles stirred interest with donuts and promoted prospective guests to rush into our captivating donut shop.

Drawing in the hype, we deployed interactive mini shop trucks with donuts and devices. Emulating the same conveyor belt style, guests could interact on the go.

15 cities. 51,000+ guests gifted. 22M social impressions generated. CES and Academy Awards appearances. 8 first-place industry awards including Best Product Launch of the Decade.