Alienware's Defy Boundaries Experience


The Ask

How do we showcase new Alienware products in a way that reflects the diversity of modern gamers?

Pushing past the average product page, we helped Alienware unveil its Defy Boundaries 2.0 launch with a fresh approach: disrupt the “typical” gamer stereotype and empower all types of gamers. This microsite adventure and social media activation began in a futuristic digital portal and brought gamers into a vibrant Alienware world where interactive challenges and secret prizes awaited. Through this tailored, immersive journey, we helped empower Alienware’s morphing, shifting, and expanding audience to share, and celebrate their authentic selves.

Rated "E" for everyone

With nostalgic Easter eggs, collectible cyberpunk gear, and engaging storytelling at every turn (quite literally), players could roam through the space and stumble upon hidden messages and challenges to satisfy the competitor in all of us. New games dropped each week and brought players back to the site to discover the new Alienware products authentically. And when players unlocked items in the right secret order (shhh, no spoilers, please), they were able to show off their prize in the most stylish way with a custom, digital fashion Snap Lens.

Fun, fresh, & fashionable gaming

Chunky footwear, varsity-inspired puff jackets, Team Liquid jerseys—these Snap Lens fashion pieces mixed trendy streetwear and digital cyberpunk with the newest Alienware releases. Players could continue the fun from the microsite, and instead of dressing an avatar, they could strut and show off their new digs themselves. These digital fashion statements allowed players to embrace expression and reminded them of not only what they could do with Alienware products, but also who they could be.